Ndaras Homes Company

Our mission is to construct high quality  competitive homes to enable members in our community achieve their dreams of owning a home at an affordable price.
Empower members in our community to own a home

  • 3D design

Home for sale: we are currently offering our flag ship project located at Kiamumbi to our esteemed  customers. Price: Ksh17.5 million

residential apartments: We offer fully furnished residential apartments for short term rentals to diaspora guests.

Contact us: For more details, please contact us

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Need a mortgage finance?
Equity bank has made home ownership easy for Diaspora members;
Ndaras homes is in partnership with Equity Bank Ltd.
Equity Bank will be honoured to fulfil your mortgage needs while you enjoy a seamless transition of ownership to you.
For more information visit Equity Bank Diaspora banking